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Things I miss from India #4

4. Festivals and Colours:
Of all things that comes to mind, when you say that you are an Indian, to people here, I could not believe that they say "Oh, So much Sun, beautiful colors, and ofcourse sooo many people". I can agree the first and last as being their reasons for an awe, but colors? Huh? 

And then it stuck me. Ofcourse, why wouldn't they love India for its colors?

Enchanting Brugges

Ah, what a fantastic Easter vacation it was - five days of beauty, relaxation and fascination at Amsterdam, Brugges and Brussels. I'm back home with lots and lots to tell you. It was that time of the year, where the Sun peeps out more often pushing away the winds and greys. 
With the weather prediction as winds and thunderstorms, and our plans to roam around in the nights too - We simply carried costumes of all weather. Summer shades, running shoes, Autumn boots, scarves, umbrellas, gloves, thermalwears, hoodies and ofcourse the Winter jackets - and oh, the swim costumes too. You know - just incase we found time to swim in our pool at the Apartments we stayed.
Romantic Get-away: Of all the places we went this Easter, I thought I'll write of my favorite first - the mesmerizing Bruges.