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Yearly wrap - up

As months pass by, its time I realize the year spins off so fast as an arrow. 
2014 New Year's eve was our first as a couple - and we had an amazing time in Vienna, at their Volkfest. I have a picture of me and S with all of our friends - and me wearing a bunny-ears-hairband with lights flickering. Absolute fun. It feels just now that we celebrated our first Love- Anniv, and then our official Anniv, went to Prague, had my in-laws here, drove to NorwayRügen - watched leaves spring, bloom, fade and die off -

Salami - Ishq

First crush. First love. First school. First Anniversary. First Birthday. First Car. First Abroad country.
The firsts is always special. 
And so is the first food I ever had in Germany. I din't have to wait for an auspicious day/ get the time to research online and then order a typical German dish. My first food that I ate in Germany was at Frankfurt Airport itself - while waiting for our ICE Train towards home. It was ein Stück Salami Pizza - a piece of Salami pizza. That was also my first 'Pork-eating' day. It was hot, spicy with tomato sauce as the base and the classic salami taste - it was salty (No it din't stink). Absolutely loved it. Ever since then, Salami Pizza is one crazy dish I order every once in a while - Like on Saturday's dinner this weekend. 

Humm .. I have this weird habit of experimenting strangely-packaged / new snacks and dishes in the supermarket. Some times it ended up finding things very similar to the ones we get in India, like the Wafers, Jim…