Over the Rocks this Summer - Day 2

Day 2: Altendorf - Schrammtor- Schrammsteine - Jägersteig - Wildschützensteig- Czech Republic- Bad Spandau

It was a new day. Trickles of raindrops woke us up. We had stayed in one of those friendly, home-bound establishments, that welcome Malerweg walkers. The place was especially lovely, with the Granny's friendly talks, the soft mattress, perfect mountain view, cold beer, a hot shower and a fresh basket of breakfast waiting for us at the doorstep so early the next morning - all to provide us with the perfect stay! - even if it were for just one night. It was a perfect beginning, with mountains surrounding, fresh dew on the flowers in the front Yard - and the glowing Sun trying hard to peek its way out the clouds (well, that indeed was promising, considering how dark the clouds loomed over while I was getting ready)

All geared up, we began our brisk walk, as the Sun now shined bright over our heads. Passing by several graceful houses, we soon reached a large grassland-type of a l…

Over the Rocks this Summer

It's just two days now. My feet is no more sore. Nor are my palms swollen. Nor do my eyes see such greenness everywhere anymore. I miss the Rainforest and the metal ladders already. 
Every year my Summer, is different. My first year in Germany was filled with amazement towards my first snow (a surprise trip to Switzerland), the second with a refreshing dip in lake, the third a cycling trip, last year a mini hike to the peak of a small mountain range close to my place, and now, I'm more calorie-conscious and fitter I'd say. Hehe. Maybe it's the recent gym membership effect, or to maintain the compliment 'oh, you always look just like in college', or if it's really my thought to stay healthy: well, whatever - as long as it keep me in good vibes.
A walk along the Malerweg:
S and I are completely free this summer holidays - as in no office, no guests, no pre-planned long trips, and lots of relaxation. One afternoon after work, S just like that asked "Hey, why…

White Photoshoot

Today we start off towards our weekend getaway, just a short trip. I told you last time, remember?Yeah, right. It will be to a small mountain village close to our place.I, have my own little group of friends, why? uhmm because... <*thinks> I'm more of an ambivert (its like.. Ofcourse I jabber a lot, but close only to a selective few), and together we had booked a holiday villa. Chuma one of our friends wanted to have her baby shower, so we thought this would be a good idea to have a Girls' day out too :)
You know? When girls meetup, there is a lot of girl talk, chit-chats, laughter, tips, tricks, andd.. gossip. But hey, they are just natural ways of a woman's let out - she just wants to vent out. No hard feelings. As we stood across the wooden hallways choosing, trying and removing all those lip shades - pink, peach, red, orange and nude (they made me put on dark plum - which ended up looking brilliant in pics, thanks to both A s :)), and then re-adding gloss, with/wi…

With Every New Year comes New Looks

Hey, Hiii Everyone!
It's a New Year already! And with a new year, comes in new hopes, new changes in Life and so do new looks to my diary. Plus there's my Blog's Insta @thegirlingermany is up this year- wohoo! Uhmm .. its just that I still am figuring out how to link the button here, looking around jibbery HTML scripts :D Until then, do look up for me in Instagram and follow up for my unseen travel pictures with S. Coming back from a hectic and an amazing Trip to India - with functions, sweets, meet-ups and lots of chaats, S and I have planned to visit Iceland this year, our most awaited destination so far! I can't wait to luxuriate in its beauty. 

December and India

I am back to India, this time after almost a year and a half. The last time I was here, was for my sister's wedding. With just three weeks of holidays now, time just flies! Immediately after we landed yesterday, we were in for a perfect welcome. His aunt and cousin had arranged a surprise birthday party with piles of gifts for him! Some things don't really change over time, right? :) 

When in Greece, do not miss these

I have been totally held up - I dunno, uhmm since May I guess .. Work, Vacation to Spain, and then Bollywood Dance Night, to Swiss (this year's quota: done -> yay), Austria, Prague, Greece, Diwali.. phew. Thanks to my Instagram, I could give you all pic updates during this time.  So here I am, with full josh, waiting to tell you, yet again- but this time, beginning from my favorite part - Food.

Walking through the beautiful Paris

It was my birthday, last May. And Paris - was my birthday gift from S <blush blush> Paris has always been known to have lured people since a very long time ago. Paris reminds me of those English movies with a lazy violin and jazz music in the backdrop ; a woman in perfect shape walking around the streets in red lipstick and high heels. And ofcourse, The Eiffel tower. But then, I always thought it was a little overrated. Not until I saw her myself!