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Rhine Falls - where no fish except eels could climb

Have you been to Rhine Falls? Hehe.. Me neither! I had no idea of any foreign Waterfalls, except Niagara until I was in India. So when my bf and I were on the way to Zurich (Its a city in Switzerland, not the capital!), we put Rhine Falls into our itinerary. The largest Waterafalls in Europe was just one hour away from Zurich? Oh, we so had to go there. (Atleast to brag.. <grins>) Statistically, it is 45ft wide and 75ft high.. Huge.

We reached the Rhine Falls pretty easily by car. There were large pay-parking lots on either sides of the Falls. The weather was cloudy, as we disembarked from our car.

Things I miss from India #1

In a foreign land, starting a new life amidst different culture, different skin tones, new language, new social norms and discipline is way too hard to adjust to. Especially in Germany, <where do I start..> Hmm .. From the sign boards which are written in a language I don't understand? Vielleicht.. Although I have started to like the way certain things are, there are always differences that have left me baffled.

Off I fly - 5000 kms away

It was the last weekend of April 2013. My first flight to Germany. My parents and in-laws had both come to send us off at the airport that morning. I was wearing a yellow sleeveless top with a black overcoat, and a blue jean. I wore my wedding thilak on my forehead and metti in my toe just like the rest of days. I still was in a wedding-bliss-mode.

Wander Bliss - Pep talk

Its been more than a year, since I came to Germany. It was also the first year after my marriage. In India, wedding is not just an event, but a whole life-changer. Overnight you are plunged into a whole new family, acquaintances together with a fresh bunch of responsibilities over your shoulders. And in my case, it was much more than that. (We are so accustomed with 'arranged marriage' customs, so yes, my 'arranged+love' marriage was a huge leap! - More on it later)
It so happened that I celebrated not just my first few days, but 365 days of my first year of wedding! (I still do!) Looking back now, I cant believe I have visited almost a new country/ new city every Month!  A million voices shout in my head - Hey are you going to write about your wedding which was the most-happening wedding in your family? What about first Swiss? the first Sommer fest? the German style Mitfahrer? Potzdam? Holi fest? your first pooja ? Denmark? Christmas? New Year? .. Enough.. QUIET (you n…

Look up from your phone - Result

Ta ta daa.. Hallo...!!
Surprise Evening Meetup;

Hey, sorry for the delay. I had to go for an Evening get-together with my classmates all of a sudden! The planing and excuting never works for us, wonder why.. and so when a spontaneous 'Are you coming?, Do you have time?' ,'Oh yes I am coming' works..Yohoo I jumped in too ! And I made sure, I reduce my usage/looking into my smartphone as much as possible. Trust felt sooo good!

Look up from your phone

Yet I'm lonely.

I recently happened to see a video, and I thought I really wanted to share with you, like NOW. The video starts with I have 422 friends yet I'm lonely. Guess most of you would have seen it, or if not you sure will want to, at the end of this. It is a spoken word film that runs for 4:59 mins.
At the beginning, you get curious and laugh at the coincidences the video and you meet up. However,

Road to Weltmeister

OMG !! OMG ! I cant wait to narrate the World cup Finale this Sunday Evening. Its Cricket, which has always been the most talked about/ watched game in India. So I never really had 'seen' Football (FuBball as in German - I kinda like it that way somehow, sounds better na? Fussball - its pronounced, just in case you are curious) can make people go crazy.
Weltmeister Goodies:
Goodies = Display of creativity. Every cup is different, and so are the goodies. This year, the one which I was so drawn to, were the stickers you can paste in cars, along the rear mirror , bonnet and also on cycles. I happened to see a kid (3 years or so) having a flag attached to her cycle and pushing alongside her dad (Walking on both legs with her head gear in 'the cycle path' was cycling for her, so adorable !). For women it was

World Cup Semi Finale 2014

Its World Cup season everywhere, as per Germans its the 'Weltmeister' or WM. Its more of a festive season, much like Cricket World cup, with posters, goodies, flags, public viewing etc. There's one thing which surprised me though -> People honking their cars, shouting DEUTSCHLANNNNDDDD unusually displaying their patriotism with flags everywhere. haan .. (weird, that they will unite this way again only for the next Euro cup/ Worldcup). Whatsoever, the enthusiasm and happiness does pulls you too to dress up with German goodies for the next match ! (Yeah, I did go for WM Shopping :D)
Well, they are favorites for so many people around the World, let's hope they win, so I can party and have my part of celebration too !

Willkommen bei Deutschland

The excitement of seeing the 'so-long-only-heard' of Germany ( from my BOYFRIEND who did his Masters in Aachen - yeah yeah, he is the one who is my husband now :D ; yet I somehow find referring him bf better ) and leaving MY HOME far far away was such a mixed feeling you know?

My story

Aski thengo Namaskar, Vanakkam, Namaste and Welcome !

Okie, so Hey everyone! I am the twenty-something girl from India, currently living in VW-Town. After my Masters in Nanotechnology, I moved to Germany with my high school-boyfriend-turned-husband.  The reason for this blog is simple - I look back at my life, travel, food, trouble-times and crazy moments that I laughed, indulged, giggled and relished ever since I came to Germany. Here you will find my experiences in getting accustomed to 'Western' Culture, Travel across the world, Guidelines and Must-go places, Insights, Indian delicacies, daily diary and lots more ! 
I also.. well, am good in photography, henna designing, glass painting,dancing, pencil drawing and writing (obviously!).

I hope Indian Girl in Germany captures the sense of awe that I have for the European cities and convey my little knowledge to you, the reader. 

It's a fresh year every year, and along with it comes a fresh look to my blog. Questions, Advice, C…