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Water buses and Venice

One of my biggest attraction I find living in Germany is the connectivity. Yes, you heard it right. I don't have to travel 7 hours or so, just to reach one part of the same country. In just 4 hours, I find myself in a completely different country, who speak, dress and eat different than the Germans! The best of all - most of the dream locations of any Indian - are closeby or atleast reachable - Switzerland for example - even a layman knows of Swiss beauty. And the World Wonders. There's Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa (still, it was a World wonder na?)Yeah ofcoursethere's dazzling Taj Mahal back home in India. <Brags>
Duh, why're you giving such an essay? Come to the point. So yeah, I had a Bucket List of places to visit - mostly inspired from Foreign-location songs in Indian movies. The first of the list was of course Venice! and Swiss. This May, my fil and mil had come to Germany for a 18-day vacation.  It turned out to be such a fun-filled amazing experienc…

Welcome Mr.Grey

In just a blink of an eye, the weather has changed - and so have the Jackets. All you see around you, and above you, is the black and white shade palette. 

As I scroll down my own blog, it feels so refreshing to recollect Summer and Fall. All of a sudden, as you speak - smoke (fog) comes out of your mouth. And my nose becomes super cold - weird. The Sun shines as a surprise guest, but the clouds win. With the spine-chilling gush

My first 365 days away

Its 365 days already. This November 11th marks my one year anniversary - of staying away from home. And seeing my parents and sis. Yes, seeing them. (Skype never really works, does it?) Duh,skype is almost always horrible - killing the first fifteen mins with 'can you see?', 'lower the camera', 'keep mic a little farther', 'stand in a place and talk' etc etc., Damn. 

Time Flies: Oki, so uhmm, I recollect the day I started off to India. With Diwali celebrations just two days before my departure, I had absolutely no plans of what to do in India (But I did have a list of to-eat itsems, lol ). It was when S could no longer come after the check-in counter, I realized