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Down The Road this Summer

This Summer was not so evident that it was actually 'Summer'! I mean, I never felt scorching heat the whole week conitunously, not able to sit at home without looking for a fan etc (That's the only part of the year where you look out for a fan!) It was even more weird because of the constant wind storms or the dark grey sky that clouds all on a sudden. There was also an evening when the trains were cancelled due to fallen trees on tracks (Dargh, S and I got horribly stuck that day and the DB arranged for taxis back to our town - Well that was a rarity. Considering they had to disperse ALL of the crowd: Some by taxi and the others by giving them Hotel Gutscheins)
What's with this Summer?
We were almost certain - waiting for the cold to kick us beforehand. Just when we thought so, came the week with Heat.