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When to wear what in Germany

Well well.. over the years, we could see Germany adopting an open and welcoming attitude towards other nationalities, especially their neighbouring European countries. I think, maybe this cosmopolitan atmosphere along with Germany's cultural heritage, that has led to an open-minded clothing.
Clothing Tips: As you walk down the street, you could see Germans - of all ages, dress quite formally and stylishly. Although they are not a fashionista-country unlike its peers: France and Italy,

HSWD - The Assembly

Every student who passed out from my school, would for sure not forget the 'Assembly' (huh? Yeah right - that was our Prayer sessions every morning - what did you think?). Haha truly, these Assembliesused to be a blessing at times, especially when you have a History or Physics (or oh, a Maths test - how did I even forget!) test on the first period. What connection does this have to...uhmm? You'll know too.. go on.

To the Land of Thermal springs - City of Baths

"City of Baths"? I mean who would name in such a way? Well well, now I know - Budapest isn't called 'The City of Baths' for nothing. You'll soon too - just like I did!
Actually 2015 was pretty held up - hmm, or I'd say it became the Family year! Firstly we went to India for S's bro's wedding and then yet again for my sister's wedding, and then my parents came to Germany - finally we settle in at one place - which means Time to pack up to travel.. tadaa :)