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Ponies and Us

And so we start our first trip of this new year 2015. 
It was a short and not-much-planned one that S and I set off - this time with RWTH friends. The last time we had all met up was in the Austria -2014 New Year trip - where we parted off saying "we would pakka meet for the Summer hols"After hours of conference-calling on How, When and Where-to-pick-you, we finally started off on a Friday afternoon - with two Mitfahrers - he he extra money toh why not ?

Back to the cold

Its now more than a week since I'm back here in Germany. It's colder, greyer and windier than the time I left. Friends here have been excitingly waiting for us to return - so we meetup, party and go on trips together.Two of my friends are no more preggies - their kids are old enough to smile now: and one other's kid is now rolling on his tummy (super cute he looks)Snow falls just as if the Nature herself is trying to cheer us up,