Down The Road this Summer

This Summer was not so evident that it was actually 'Summer'! I mean, I never felt scorching heat the whole week conitunously, not able to sit at home without looking for a fan etc (That's the only part of the year where you look out for a fan!) It was even more weird because of the constant wind storms or the dark grey sky that clouds all on a sudden. There was also an evening when the trains were cancelled due to fallen trees on tracks (Dargh, S and I got horribly stuck that day and the DB arranged for taxis back to our town - Well that was a rarity. Considering they had to disperse ALL of the crowd: Some by taxi and the others by giving them Hotel Gutscheins)

What's with this Summer?

We were almost certain - waiting for the cold to kick us beforehand. Just when we thought so, came the week with Heat.
Usually they say there's usually one particular week of the Summer where the temperatures reach its maximum. Looking around, you see fit Germans jogging, cycling on the lanes or if you go near waterprone areas, you see them swim like a fish. Sometimes their enthusiasm and health-consciousness is one big time motivation factor to me. We had to do something. Uhmm, last year's Summer was my first in this house. New friends. New party. Now that we had been living here for more than a year, we dint want to jump onto the same waters (Boring you see?) And then S came up with a cycling trip plan. 

There's a lake not far from my place, but then reachable by bicycle: The idea of Cycling a 35 km two-way was .. daunting at first -all worth it, at the end. We were a group of ten - After having our cycles properly checked : tyres, air, brakes and seats. I was extra delighted as it was my first long trip of my bicycle: Somehow it's become very special to me - like my own two-wheeler back in India.

Cycles, Waters and Beauty:
We  began cycling after the initial customs - the group pics, selfies and some nature clicks. And once we started, it was absolute fun. Never had I thought cycling could make you feel so fresh - so young and so lively. Everywhere we passed through were lanes specifically designed for cycles - Hence there was no hustle-bustle. We drove past paddy fields, beautiful waters, a small bird sanctuary and village-type houses. Sometimes I felt the routes a bit creepy - with insect screeches, birds flying above you and dense tall trees that looked like an enchanted forest wallpaper! 

As we went in as a group, we raced, we chatted, we held hands at times (blush blush) and at any point, we never felt tiring to press down those pedals. We went most of the times parallel to a stunning river/canal, whose sea blue waters glistened under the sun. I have a few pictures just so you can experience how it felt like.

Of all the scenery, my favorite was this one to the left. It was a long length of stairs heading to something on the top. S and I parked our cycles down the road and hurried up above just out of the curiosity. And the view was simply breathtaking! What we saw was beyond belief. Who would think there would be waters and fields up above and there was also a couple taking their dog for a walk. We stood there for a while, wondering what the other end of the road would lead us to.

Beat the Heat:
Soon we did reach our lake. We were caught offguard in transit that we for a minute forgot, that more beauty was in store. There were people everywhere - kids, teens, adults, couples, families, kiosks beaming with coffee and currywurst's flavours. We jumped into the waters, freezingly cold it was for some crazy reason - but yeah we soon got used to it. 

We floated, splashed waters around,tried to drown each other, played games and had the best times ever. S and I had not forgotten our swimming classes and did some fantastic floating - so serene, so peaceful. After a tiring swim, we sat down in our dried clothes for some amazing food. Returning back home after so much of calories burnt, did not make us dead-tired. The return was rather short, more because we now knew the route and time to reach back. 

We still had so much energy left, but Sun was soon setting and we dint have time to fix a few of our cycles' lights, else we had plans to have an ice-cream toast! Hehe. Recollecting of it now , as I pen down about the cycling trip - it makes me want to go again. Sometimes I feel such are moments that I definitely will miss once I get back to India -well, in few years. Having no worries of being a known face to someone, or the creepy-crawlies and fishes down the waters, cycling under nature and ofcourse the breathing space with S - Hmm, I definitely will start missing Germany too, once I go to India.


  1. Going down parallel to the river must have been the best part.


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