My First Garden

All of a sudden, you see birds fly here and there, bugs, butterflies, veggie-mosquitoes (Yeah, yeah these are veggies you see? - they don't bite us, but roam around the garden and are super huge! God knows what they feed on o.O) and bees buzz around everywhere. That's when you start seeing people outside. Just like how ants come out back home before the Summer is on, the people begin to come out of their cocoon.. So here comes another story to my 'Firsts'.

Officially the Winter is over. (huh I still struggle to open up my eyes as the Sun somehow manages to come in through those blindfolds .. I should shut it more I guess.. hmm anyway)! The tenny little green saplings sprout out of the whiteness and birds keep chirping all day *When do they even drink water!?!

And hey I should tell you, like most of them living here, our house owners maintain a garden in our backyard too. Tomatoes, chillies, onions, coriander, curry leaves, grapes, brinjals, radish, and beans (Uhmm, what else, oh yes the Zucchinis! And then the apple tree - Poor thing, it doesn't get special attention at all, yet manages to flower and produce apples every year) If only, there was such a mango or guava tree ö.Ö - Duh, I am not a fan of Apples at all, I mean what kind of a fruit is that! Who eats that :D. Anyway, oh and then there are coniferous trees with a few flowering varieties (I use these for pooja thaalis during Indian festival days - looks pretty, but how I miss the fragrance of Indian flowers.. mmmm) in the front porch. This year, there's extra: Strawberries are  growing! Is it a tuber or a normal fruit? I cant wait to see!!

The first year I was awestruck, the next year I was expecting a different batch of plants (Nah, nothing new) and then - it started getting monotonous. This is where tomatoes would come, this is where the climbers would be and the farthest would be the chillies - even the location was the same! Sometimes I do feel as if it were a farmer's garden. Hehe. But peeps, I can never take care of the plants - like him, No really - the house owner works like a machine! (heavy rains, blazing sun, hailstorms - nothing can stop him - lol) He loves his plants so very much - as if they were all little puppies, looking up to him with those puppy-eyes!

Hmm.. I still dont know where we got this idea from, S and I suddenly decided we keep our own garden this year! It's just a very small batch, dont think I have planted hundreds :D After work - one evening, it was time for some Garden shopping. Yeah, ever since a kid, I never really was a fan of Botany or plants for that matter. But gardening here is so offbeat, than that in India (or maybe I was not aware of, I should ask sis: she used to have lightning plant and some other crotons I guess). Soils, Fertilizers, Water can, seeds, flowering pots, saplings and a few gardening tools -  We had to buy them all by ourselves : Even for a non-botany person (uh..non-botany: sounds weird na?), the excitement somehow caught over as I picked up the tiny flower saplings into my hands. So beautiful they were!

We bought two slabs of flowering shrubs : they would grow and fall over itseems - Hmm..I am super enthusiastic to see this one!! Why? Because I have seen such flower-hangs only in movies before I came here, and then.. because (* I have got this new habit of using "because" and "suppose" in most of my sentences.. *thinks hard of who is the source for this* it's a  Mischung - which means its a mix of colored varieties - I chose white, pink and red. And then the vegetable section: the tomato, lettuce and chilly, coriander (This we always have as seeds in our cooking stock, so dint have to buy them: India and spices, you see?): We are yet to go for our second batch of garden shopping, hopefully we go soon. 

Planting: So, one lazy Sunday, sis, me and S together planted them onto the slabs from the tiny boxes they came in: carefully lifting them off, without ripping the roots and transferring to the slabs we'd filled with soil. In the shop, the violets were so fascinating that I somehow wanted to try it. Germinating from seeds is definitely too much na? Hmm.. but let's see. We put the violet as corner shots around the Mischung. Toot to too, imagine how it would look like - violet - pink - red - white - pink - red - white - violet : Woooww! I got to wait until July/August for it to see it a full bloom. And I will definitely post it up for you too :) My God, that reminds me .... The Red cup-shaped flower seed pack I recently bought - I am yet to plant it !! <*I should do it this week for sure.. pakka... Hopefully they germinate by August! >

Glimpse every day: Every day, me and S take shifts bringing the thottis inside, carrying them out to the Sun the next morning - pouring them water, adding soil: It takes a lot of effort yes, but then.. it makes you feel inexplicably happy. I still remember how delighted I was seeing the first violet and chilly saplings sprout out! That reminds me: back in my high school days, when sis used to shout out that her lightning-plant gave out its first flower after a rainy night, I never really understood what made her go so ga-ga. Haha, after all these years now I do! Such a thing could make any heart melt. Absolutely wonderful.

I now peep at those teensy little lives, every morning: the brightest of green on the leaves showing off in the blue skies, waving their feeble stems out of the dark soil into thin air - and the flashy, budding flowers. I am just back from an amazing trip to Spain yesterday evening, and I was already missing them - making me and S go see them the first thing as soon as we entered home. I sure have started becoming fond of them. I can't believe I'm saying this, but hey, you should try gardening too! :) If you do have a garden already and have some tips for me, don't forget to leave your suggestions/comments here or also to my email.

P.S: So here is my garden people, just like you asked me to update! Look .. That's my First Garden :) (It started to bloom already! Red and white look so beautiful, yet its solo pink and tall green shoots that always are in my eyes :) (its supposed to violet- the tall ones) <Yeah yeah, the bigger one is definitely the House Owner's - I couldnt fit them all in the Photogrid you see!>


  1. Liked the pictures in your update. Isn't it wonderful to see them grow a little daily :-)

    1. Thanks Haddock. Totally agree! It is so wonderful to see them grow a little more and to see it let out its first flowers(tomato)!


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