With Every New Year comes New Looks

Hey, Hiii Everyone!

It's a New Year already! And with a new year, comes in new hopes, new changes in Life and so do new looks to my diary. Plus there's my Blog's Insta @thegirlingermany is up this year- wohoo! Uhmm .. its just that I still am figuring out how to link the button here, looking around jibbery HTML scripts :D Until then, do look up for me in Instagram and follow up for my unseen travel pictures with S. Coming back from a hectic and an amazing Trip to India - with functions, sweets, meet-ups and lots of chaats, S and I have planned to visit Iceland this year, our most awaited destination so far! I can't wait to luxuriate in its beauty. 

Every January, I usually slip into this mode, wherein it's not exactly home-sickness, but more of "unwinding and gelling in Germany" type. Well, it sure will happen right, especially after three weeks of spending time with your family, lots of laughter, hearing people's chatter, loudness in streets, gobbling delicious food you grew up with, and definitely seeing colors everywhere! But hey, that doesn't mean that I get all sober the rest of the year, until my next visit too. It just takes a few weeks, to settle in. So hey, forgot to tell you, this time it's not so cold like last year. Remember my last January? I had my tiny, cutie Snowman built - it was snowing so much :) Me and S are looking forward to our first trip already - just a short one, a weekend getaway type : to embrace the whiteness of Snow. 

Where to? Oh, there's a small mountain range, close to our place. It'll be more of a girls' day out and we are planning to click Bollywood type pics- with cute shorties in snow background. I am sure the photos will look just amazing! As I write this, I look up from my laptop, across to the still-unopened bags from India, thinking to myself "Well, it's going to be a fantastic year, yet again, with lots of travels, love, unexpected happiness and crazy moments" - all of which, I will have them documented : forever.  For who knows, what unknown awaits for us next year, isnt't it? :)


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