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December = Time to India

I am back to India, this time after almost a year and a half. The last time I was here, was for my sister's wedding. With just three weeks of holidays now, time just flies! Immediately after we landed yesterday, we were in for a perfect welcome. His aunt and cousin had arranged a surprise birthday party with piles of gifts for him! Some things don't really change over time, right? :) 

We have listed our to-dos and to-gos for the next three weeks. Starting from tomorrow. The first of my list is definitely Germany shopping, so I can buy clothes that actually fit me once I get back :D It always happens that you put on a lot of weight with chaats, sweets and the Tandooris in India. And it takes almost three months to drop them off! I remember one of my visits to India, where I stayed 5 weeks and ended up putting 7 kg weight! Can you believe it! Huh, it took forever for those cheeks to go away! 

And then there's a storm prediction from Monday onwards. It is expected to cross off in a day, so I really hope it doesn't ruin our plans! Actually, I am more excited to visit my mil's bungalow. She works in Judiciary and so has been allotted a bungalow to reside in, which happens to be the one since the British were on rule. I have seen pictures of it already and it looks humongous! With quarters and balconies, large Banyan trees and you-name-it-you-get-it garden, walking space and even a small temple within. Hey oh, not to mention the troop of monkeys. Hehe I somehow always thought baby monkeys look absolutely cute! :) <3 

Know what, we had planned mainly to visit this year, for my dad's Shastiyapthappoorthi. For those who don't know - uhmm Shasti Poorthi is usually celebrated on completion of 60 years of age of the male. It marks the completion of half of the years of one's lifetime as in Hinduism, 120 years is considered the life span of a human being. Wow that's a lot, isnt't it? It usually is a grand family reunion to incorporate an important event in the couple's married life. As part of the celebrations, we, as children, get to perform our parents' second wedding! So it's like they perform all rituals (from Ganesha pooja to Naandhee to Punyahanam to Mangalya dharanam - which is the tying of wedding knot to Kalasha pooja), celebrations and shopping, just like how we do in our actual wedding. Me and sis have planned for a cake cutting in the evening, inviting all of mom-dad's friends from their medical colleges. Oh yes, mom and dad were also classmates, just like me and S, but in medical college. We could already see them teasing mom and dad with i-know-what-you-did-back-then looks :D And dad's best friend is also visiting from Malaysia, who - apparently was the reason to bring mom dad together :D 

Soon after dad's function, will be new year's eve :) After 2 years, S and I are with family this time, excited and waiting for new hopes, new changes, and new blossoms the next year! Okay peeps, I am wrapping this up, as my mil is coming up towards me with a hot cup of coffee for me, just when I was thinking of it - She definitely knows me the best! :) So, until next time, bybyee and wishing you a very Happy New Year!!


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