White Photoshoot

Today we start off towards our weekend getaway, just a short trip. I told you last time, remember? Yeah, right. It will be to a small mountain village close to our place. I, have my own little group of friends, why? uhmm because... <*thinks> I'm more of an ambivert (its like.. Ofcourse I jabber a lot, but close only to a selective few), and together we had booked a holiday villa. Chuma one of our friends wanted to have her baby shower, so we thought this would be a good idea to have a Girls' day out too :)

You know? When girls meetup, there is a lot of girl talk, chit-chats, laughter, tips, tricks, andd.. gossip. But hey, they are just natural ways of a woman's let out - she just wants to vent out. No hard feelings. As we stood across the wooden hallways choosing, trying and removing all those lip shades - pink, peach, red, orange and nude (they made me put on dark plum - which ended up looking brilliant in pics, thanks to both A s :)), and then re-adding gloss, with/without eye shadows/liners, using endless makeup wipes, some tears, and lots of laughter : my God those were some of our favorite moments of all time. And when we finally were ready for her baby shower photoshoot, we were all in for an overwhelming surprise! It was snowing. Yay!! 

I was in utter excitement for two reasons. One: I knew the pictures are now going to come out incredibly scintillating at the same time memorable to her - especially since she is returning to India for good this year :( and Two: Hey come on, its snowing, right? :) It was in Switzerland, the very first May S took me to - that I saw my first Snow. Ever since then, winter has become one of my favorites. Every time those beautiful snowflakes drop over your winter jacket, or land up on your eyelashes, you can't seem to stop yourself gazing at those hexagonal beauties - warming up your hands with a hot cup of coffee/ Glühwein, gobbling up tiny mushrooms with garlic sauce, hearing fire crackle as a background to your conversations: that's what I call is a perfect winter evening. Also, that's one season, where hot chocolate is suddenly a must-have drink :D She said she is going to frame one of our girls' pic: which, apparently was all of our favorite too. I am so glad that it came out as she pleased, and for us? We had the best of times, yet again. 

And oh, here's just a quick click for you of how appealing a little pine (or what's it?)can look when its against a white background. Just wow, isn't it? I love days like today. It seems to remind me, that its never too late to get something better!  ... Well, stay the  same with positive vibes, until next time :) See you.


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