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In just a blink of an eye, the weather has changed - and so have the Jackets. All you see around you, and above you, is the black and white shade palette. 

As I scroll down my own blog, it feels so refreshing to recollect Summer and Fall. All of a sudden, as you speak - smoke (fog) comes out of your mouth. And my nose becomes super cold - weird. The Sun shines as a surprise guest, but the clouds win. With the spine-chilling gush
of the winds, oo - you really need to have yourself tucked in shawls and headscarves. Nah ya..No more cycling and jogging -although I still ride wearing scarves and shawls. 

Tschüss, Sun - See you next year. 

And oh yeah, I have also noticed
that Germans have a higher tolerance towards cold. As in, if I copy their dressing style and go out, my fingers would freeze and would stop their 'sense-of-touch'. Is it because they are immune to cold as they are brought up here? Or maybe they just wear a thermal inside.  I wonder. Seriously people, they look extremely comfortable in the chilly days. And oh, the Germans have their typical long Mandel, that goes extremely well with their tall stature and facial features. <wink wink> If you see the twenty-thirties, they walk in streets as if they are in a ramp show - head held high, long jackets, perfectly done-makeup and shoes, no facial expressions, no hand gestures, intense look - and a fast walk. 

But hey, Every Season has its own beauty. I do not agree with whining that Summer is gone - hereon its all Schade Tage blah blah, you know? Especially coming from a tropical country such as India, where people will look strangely at you if you say you love "the Sun". Damn, it would be scorching heat. I remember how awesome I felt the very first time I landed in Frankfurt.  It felt absolutely amazing - it was as if an Air-conditioner was always on - but outside the house - lol. The leaves are shedding up really fast, they have to- their calender is running out of dates. Wonder where the butterflies, bees and birds went - Birds.. I understand they migrate, what about butterflies and bees? Do they die? <*raises brows> 

Soon, the show-stopper Snow would arrive! I should plan up something with S before Winter hits in full spree. 

I'm going to enjoy the cold, as much as I loved the warmth.. Are you with me? Perfect. Then, go ahead - Take a warm cup of coffee, sit beside the window, stare outside - Christmas decorations will open up in less than two weeks. Or sip some hot spiced wine/ martini in a candlelight dinner - that would make it a perfect foggy evening.

<*Checks outside temperature in app - 10 degrees Celsius - it is>


  1. Thats the spirit....... going to enjoy the cold, as much as I loved the warmth..
    What you said is true, people born and bred in such places have a higher tolerance towards cold.

  2. Very interesting post, I have German relatives, ancestors and I've always had a high tolerance for cold, in fact I prefer it and I'm always cold too. Winter is my favorite season and so is Fall. It could just be because of where I'm from of course, the high sierras! :)

  3. Ah haan, so they really have a higher tolerance @Haddock and @Lian :)


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