Salami - Ishq

First crush. First love. First school. First Anniversary. First Birthday. First Car. First Abroad country.

The firsts is always special. 

And so is the first food I ever had in Germany. I din't have to wait for an auspicious day/ get the time to research online and then order a typical German dish. My first food that I ate in Germany was at Frankfurt Airport itself - while waiting for our ICE Train towards home. It was ein Stück Salami Pizza - a piece of Salami pizza. That was also my first 'Pork-eating' day. It was hot, spicy with tomato sauce as the base and the classic salami taste - it was salty (No it din't stink). Absolutely loved it. Ever since then, Salami Pizza is one crazy dish I order every once in a while - Like on Saturday's dinner this weekend. 

Humm .. I have this weird habit of experimenting strangely-packaged / new snacks and dishes in the supermarket. Some times it ended up finding things very similar to the ones we get in India, like the Wafers, Jim-jam biscuits, Milk-bikis,
Fruit-flavoured biscuits (that I used to open into two, eat the biscuit and chew the cream separately), Mentos, Choco-puffs etc. Haha, things don't click always. I remember buying a puff that said evening snack or something written on it, and it tasted like some fungus sprinkled onto the puff - God, it was horrible. And then there's something called Milchreis - I see a lot , really a lot number of people licking their cup of this Milchreis and so I decided to give a try once. You won't believe, it was so much like Farex and the flavoured-ones were like Apple Cerelac etc. (I so couldn't understand what people like in this so much, or maybe my palate - being Indian refuses to identify subtlety -lol ).

And hey. there is one stark difference in contrast to the Americans - or atleast I found so - Germans are extremely fit. They ofcourse intake huge amounts of food when they need, but they are never couch-potatoes. They have some form of exercise as a part of their lifestyle which makes them never obese - either swimming, cycling, jogging, or even hitting the gym regularly. That's something I really really love in Germans. S and I do jogging, cycling and have also started swimming classes - as a pick-up from Germans. It really makes you feel fresh - in mind and body. Oh, I forgot to tell you, the Germans take food in small portions - as in - in a Buffet or so, they make sure they do not waste food (or maybe they try if they like the taste). If they are done, they'll come in for more- rather than dumping huge chunks into the plate - just for the fact that we need to walk up again to refill! That's also something I'm trying to implement on me - But yeah, it will take time. Let's hope for the best :)


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