Fresh start

Wooo.. Heyyyaa!
Happy New Year once again !! How was your New Year celebrations everyone? I am having super fun here in India. I wanted to somehow writeup a post while in India itself - brr.. I'm depriving my afternoon nap and writing you this - so please read-on - hehe. 

Its been four weeks already - four weeks of vast differences - in food, traffic, discipline (yes discipline) prices (some that made my eyes pop out and some that were dead-cheap) and oh the no-need-of-jeans and shoes every time-you-go-out feels fantastic! S and I have finished most of our to-do and to-eat checklist. We both have gained some 5 kg ever since we came here. 

Uhmm..This time we wanted to make a small tour with the family, watch movie together and have a dinner out with family - as a part of our checklist. And so, we had been to movies and to Kerala - a state in India with my dad, mom and sis. This is famously called the 'God's own country' mainly because of its picturesque beauty, backwaters and the wildlife. I'll let you see them for yourself ( I was rejoicing every moment with my family and S that I dint take much of solo-nature pics )

This was the backwaters behind the resort where we stayed. We had to take a boat to reach the car parking - which gives you this spectacular view as you stare at the green trees and silent ripples of the backwaters as you row through. (I'll write more of this in another post once I'm back home)

*Scribble scribble.. I am hurriedly writing this to you, as my mil awaits to give me a hot cup of coffee (Seriously, I don't move an inch of my bum here in India -treated like a princess hehe). So yeah, I just wanted to bump into your inbox and update with what's happening (well, atleast a few lines) Hmm, Evening the mehindi guy will come - as a prep for my devar's wedding - me and my saas are totally excited - and S gets to cook - teehee. Before he comes, I have washed my face and hands, removed rings, tied my hairup - and now taking a sip of my coffee as I flip through tv channels. (Aww, this is a total Urlaub!)

I will get back to you with essays and tons of stories once I get back to Germany - Till then, bybyee see ya and take care :)


  1. You have hit God's own country at the right time as it was the best climate of the year (in fact winter all over India was pretty good this time)
    Hope you didn't stay overnight in the "kettuvallam" (house boat)

    1. Haha yes it was that perfect time of the year - breezy and pleasant. Oh no, we did not stay in a house boat :)


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