Back to the cold

Its now more than a week since I'm back here in Germany. It's colder, greyer and windier than the time I left. Friends here have been excitingly waiting for us to return - so we meetup, party and go on trips together. Two of my friends are no more preggies - their kids are old enough to smile now: and one other's kid is now rolling on his tummy (super cute he looks) Snow falls just as if the Nature herself is trying to cheer us up,
and there's something or other coming up - that keeps occupying our parents back home so they wouldn't feel void, and oh yes, our new 3D TV - totally awesome <brags>.

I have started socializing and things are getting better - though I miss being home. The day we reached Germany - S had to go to office the very next day and it was all me - all by myself. Especially after a stay of 35 days back in India - surrounded by people, sounds, food and TV's music all long - my ears strained to pick up the smallest of decibels - lol, I  seriously felt deaf. We didn't have to rush this time - flight landed on time - there was perfect timing between the connecting trains - and most importantly we had one 23 kg lesser! 

I had to go to work from the second day here. Though I reluctantly
got readythe work place was the best changeover that lifted off my spirits - ofcourse my sis was blowing off hearts and smiles in Whatsapp - seems mom was getting into reality - while dad still doesn't accept that I had to leave so soon <*I' would've put a sad face with a teardrop in Whatsapp smiley by now> Hmm.. There's still this wedding mehindi in my hands (till forearms) that me and my saas together put while in India. 

As I scroll down my 900+ pictures from my camera, I could hear the hums of the Facebook rewind music - It was flocking in everyone's timeline na? - yeah, same - as I travel back the memory lane of our best India trip ever. We used to keep chatting in S's house with his parents and brother until 3 am in the night - eat fruits, fry fish, corn and even dosa in the middle of our family time ! Aw.. beautiful memories. 

And hey there was this Kerala trip with my parents - a trip that brought in so much bonding between S and my home. Know what? S was able to totally understand my language this time - drawing everyone's affection and raise their brows. My relatives spoke to him in my language and he was replying perfectly to their questions in his - I was simply walking on air ! Wohoo ..

A thin line of smile curves on my face as I think of the days we spent in India : flashes of my dad holding my hand once-in-a-while, mom's teeny little dance she does at times, and sis's hand always with a handkerchief, S's brother's amiable fight with me for who's going-to-run-in-the-treadmill-today, saas's laughter with her head tilted and S's dad's smile+ nodding of his head simultaneously - keep lingering in my mind everyday.

With the days spinning off and the clock ticking, I try to take them as a positive energy as I walk out of the house - back to the cold.


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