Ponies and Us

And so we start our first trip of this new year 2015. 

It was a short and not-much-planned one that S and I set off - this time with RWTH friends. The last time we had all met up was in the Austria -2014 New Year trip - where we parted off saying "we would pakka meet for the Summer hols"After hours of conference-calling on How, When and Where-to-pick-you, we finally started off on a Friday afternoon - with two Mitfahrers - he he extra money toh why not ?
Lammersdorf lies in the Simmerath region - around 30km from Aachen - that should be easier than linking to the Wikipedia - who reads the whole of it these days <*stares a minute> Oh, and so we stopped the car where GPS-destination took us to - a horse stable or rather a cow stable - or both- it was late at night and spine-chillingly cold with the winds- by the time we reached the place on Friday. Of course, we had halted at Aachen, where S was reminiscing his favorite Shrimps pasta, Towers and the times with his friends - just like his college days. But know what? We had booked a Villa for ten people and it was simply so massive - so amazing. Don't judge a book by its cover was so true with our Villa - Really ! With the cows and ponies and others' "fragrance" we were hesitant to open the entry door - which eventually didn't have a house number! We just decided it was ours - since the number of beds were ten anddd it was not locked - LOL. So it was only the next morning we could actually see the neighborhood in the daylights. 

Waking up the next morning , it was a very small region - but beautiful. We walked down to the castle and to a nearby lake Ruhrsee - and back to the Villa. Actually it was supposed to be a leisure trip - no sightseeing, no GPS-ing, no cooking food and most importantly no waking-early-in-the-morning! So we kept our outing very short - like just a half day. Nights went on catching up stories from where we left off, who fought-with-who, who has left the town, who has found a job and oh yes, India's future, Worldcup (Cricket it is - just incase you're wondering) and politics.

Out of the window
The best of all, was the Nature herself. Instead of showering, there was such a beautiful snowfall in the early evenings. It was my first time - to see so much snow- and the so-called 'fresh snow'. It was fluffy, clean, crisp and just like in movies. It never snows so much in the place I live here, its usually rain and snow - so its all washed off. Crazy us went walking on the snow and nightpants, with R thrilled to see me-seeing-fresh-snow-first-time and explaining me how it snows the same way in India  she's from Northern India - it snows there, unlike my place. 
Narnia is true - now I believe 
More snow. I couldn't resist taking pictures of the beautiful Narnia ever since I opened my eyes the next morning. Knowing it perfectly, S took me out for a drive - so I could gather them all into me. Here are a few of the picturesque Lammersdorf. And oh yes, we did cross the Bauermuseum - with shiny horses and healthy cows roaming around - which is a tourist place in the region. 

The next time you guys plan a trip, I for sure would recommend a let-it-go kind of a tour, it felt so refreshing, so relaxed and the heart felt so light - after all those chit-chats and laughters!

P.S: If you're still wondering of what the title has to do with the write-up: Psst .. On the night we arrived, we could see reflections of what looked like ox or a hut or or a lump of dark cloth - we opened the window just to throw one of our friends out and whistled the animal to come closeby : only to shut the window out of fear of its size. It looked weird, like .. uhmm a mountainous pony or so, fat, short and with hair and fur draping upto the floor. And I remember me staring at it through the window (ofcourse it was locked by now- hehe) amidst my own reflection in the glass for a long time - that horrific, ghasty appearance and then realization that it was just a pony - still lingers :)


  1. i am living near aachen for past 5 yrs and never heard about this place.. but now I would like to check it up.. and nice write up...


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