Never too late to strike them all

I'd always seen people buzzing around the bowling areas - in huge malls with shopping stalls all around and now even in smaller ones back in India. The last time I remember playing it was when I was in schools, playing double player with my sis and yes, in video games -lol. Just as I sat to pen this down,
I wiki-pediad (My own verb for referring Wikipedia! Genius huh? Okay don't kick me up) the actual name of the game. Ten-pin Bowling it is, itseems!

Most of them should have seen it - a player or 'bowler' throws a heavy ball along the wooden lane to strike down as many pens as possible (Pens! Hmm o.O) So we happened to go to this STRIKE booking two lanes - Boys Vs Girls. We had booked a one-hour slot as it was first time for most of us, and yeah, budget constraints. Tell you what, it was absolutely worth every penny. 

The whole ambiance was flashy, with beams of various lights, disco balls, rainbow colors, smoke effect and heavy beats English
h music. Felt more like a party hall! There were balls of varying weights Small, Medium and Large. It was not difficult as I thought at all. S was rolling the ball turning backwards, bending down and hitting them all! Once you get the flow, it is so addictive. With score points, music and drinks - it was terrific.

And it was also the first time, our first-formed group of friends went alone, letting off the newbies - hence it marked a memory, striking pens, talking without inhibitions and to a new beginning. I'm not sure if people these days have still not gone to bowling even once, as most of them are pretty amused from their teens - and strike-bowling is not new to them. Yet, if you are like me, there's nothing to be embarrassed, don't miss it anymore - find a strike-bowling center and go ahead bowling! 


  1. Wonderful.
    I have seen a guy - his fingers got stuck in the holes of the ball and went flying along with the ball !!


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