Three cheers to three years !!!

Hallooo everyone!! Happy New Year! I know its been pretty late to wish, but hey its still valid - not that you wish it only on Jan 1 na? :) As always, a new year begins - with an all new look to my page. And oh,I owe you, (wah wah) my heartfelt gratitude for the support and overwhelming response over my blog. That is what keeps me going. So peeps, what's with a New Year? Well, to me it fills in with surprises and changes. From seasons to ages. Rewinding of last summer and the one before: and to all other things. The stages of life, the relationships - everything changes: Only to the betterment of you. Speaking of seasons, its Winter here now.
White or Colors?: With S and me in India last Winter, even little chills were feeling pretty much cold I'd say. The New Year began with absolute dhamaka, little did I know that people here fire crackers just like in India - felt like Diwali. I was all set with the bunny hat and lights on it - firing crackers and atom bombs blowing your eardrums. Clearly atom bomb - whoever blew it - was the showstopper. And then came January: with a -15 during the daytime! Yet, I enjoyed every moment of it - Building my snowman, having glühwein, hot chocolate, drapped up in shawls and gloves. 
The last time S had told me of such an extreme weather was when he first came to Germany for his Masters back in 2010. With snow flakes tumbling like kisses from the heaven, and whiteness spilling all around: It was an absolute Winter Wonderland. Never had I seen so much a snow in my backyard ever since I was here. I couldn't resist but make a snowman and oh, I had give it an accessory - as always (so a Leaf becomes its hat)- Haha, I dint realise people dont keep 'legs' for the snowman - and it is usually huge in size : S was teasing as if it looked similar to me, tiny but cute <blush blush> It was so adorable that it stood brave amidst the next two days of heavy snowfall - as if it said: tiny though you are, hold on to being the truthful, for you can stand against the world all by yourself. I, would want to enjoy and relish every season with its own beauty. Dah, you see lot of them who keep grumbling of the greyness of the Winters, I so don't understand! - You need the cold to cherish the heat :) Right? Anyway, To me, I feel the radiant white beauty a winner all of the other seasons, with the marvellous colors of Fall - hard to beat. Oh,Hey, why don't you also drop in your favorite season with your defense in the comment section below? 

Know what? By this year, its going to be 3 yrs of me living in Germany. WohooIt was just like yesterday. And its 3 years already. Looking back now, I realise - well, I have become pretty fond of this country. So many changes - socially and professionally, varied travelogue, bundles of memories and a handful of amazing friends. Remembering of friends, its now going to also be 2 years of knowing us. I still remember the first time we all met in a common association meeting, each maintaining their charisma, hiding how crazy we are actually.

My first little place (its one of my Popular posts - do check it out too), how I first went to the post office like an alien not knowing a word of what they speak, how surprised I was at the silence prevailing around (away from all the drama), my first food I had at airport, the waffles and choco pies I used to have as my breakfast, my shabby cooking attempts, the evening hilly walks down the road, the everyday skype with in-laws(!)- Nah ya, I cant believe how much things have changed over these 3 yrs. <Staring at the walls, thinking a million things> 
Hmm, but German is definitely a challenge to master (well, that is something I guess all foreigners would have to in Germany) yet I somehow really like the language itself (though my brain works extrahard translating in)I will definitely miss speaking German once I get back to India.  If there's one thing thats not changed till now, it is the people saying 'You are from India? India is schön - viele Sonne' Oh comeon people, India is not the same everywhere in all seasons!! And then I remind them of Himalayas - Mountains, you know? Its in India. I dont think this ever will. Duh 

Nevertheless, this has been my home after wedding: Memories of all times (good and bad) and travel, that I would cherish always and forever. Three cheers to three years in Germany!


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