Along one of the top 10 roads in Europe

It was the first time my parents visited us in Germany.. uhmm yeah they had been here last August.. Finishing up the beautiful Eiffel tower sparkle at midnight, and the vast blueness of the Swiss, we were on the way back home through Austria. That..was when S had this route to drive through. Along one of the top 10 best roads in Europe (not just one of the top 10 spectacular roads, its also one of the dangerous roads to drive).

Which one? Furka Pass it was (he and his Top gear!). 

Initially I was terrified, looking at those hairpin bends (Google images, you see) and the nauseous feeling I might get, but once we started driving through, it definitely was worth it! Every bend of it. My dad tells to this day, that his favorite part of the travel, was Furka pass!! Not even the Eiffel tower or the Thunsee! Haha .. Men and Roads! 

So..where did I leave? Yeah, mom and dad had come here during last Summer. <Huh it was almost 38 degrees in Switzerland - they so could not believe it - especially after all that they show in Indian movies of Swiss> We had taken them to the Rhone glacier, uhmm so know, they could feel some cold :D They were astounded at the grandiose of the Rhone glacier and how small we look infront of Nature. 

And this Furka pass was on our way back from Rhone glacier through the Alps.  That reminds me .. Standing over the top of the glacier, I gazed onto *simply spectacular* Hairpinbends, greenness and distant mountains - The panaromic view was breathtaking. Oh, then I shifted to look onto the roads. Cars were zooming past - From vintage styles to the Ferraris, and oh I forgot the motorbikes. Naah, I am not so uptodate with all the names, but I sure can make out the sporty and head-turners. Afterall, I live with a Car-freak :D And, hey seems James Bond's car chase scene in the movie Goldfinger was shot through this pass.

S was super excited as he started driving down - for it not only is the best road to drive, but one of the best for passengers too.  With the humongous Alps at the back, the loud tingles of the bells around Swiss cattle, fresh air and tall 'Blackforest' trees - it was almost like in a movie: just like in Heidi. And the Ferraris, Beetles and Aston Martins catching up, or driving behind you! I just couldn't resist clicking them. My God, should I turn around or look in the sides or peep down the curves. It simply wasn't enough!

While I was clicking, I looked over my shoulder at dad - he was holding the handle over his head on the door, watching outside the window with a glad beam on his face, and my mom - peeping out at the cattle grazing and the sky, and S- enjoying every moment steering his wheel:  An expression of them which will remain in my eyes for a very long time.

Just as I finish writing this, I stare at this picture and sure want to go again: this time, me behind the wheels! Damn, it really is one of the world's most iconic, exhilarating and exciting drives, and even more because it was through the Swiss Alps. Don't you agree, peeps? Have a sneak peek yourself!


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