HSWD - The Police

A few days back, I randomly saw through a post update in Facebook  - of a movie called "Kaakha Kaakha" - its a Tamil Cop movie, a super-hit back in those days - that its been 13 years since it was released! Wow 13 years. Makes me feel old already!

Zooooshh went my memories back in time - I was in highschool when the movie released.
Or maybe in my first year of college. Both I guess. Hey could be! - Maybe it was still running when I was finishing high school and justtt as I entered college. <Too lazy to google in its release date, I mean who does that!?!>  I still remember it fresh as if it were yesterday.

I was and still am an ardent fan of the actor .. for his composed acting, real-life love for the actress and yeah yeah mostly his looks. Well, every girl likes a guy for .. uhmm she has her reasons and comeon guys, dont give us a stare here. I, had my reasons too. Umm, predominantly because he resembled soo very much of S in the movie, I still sometimes feels he does.. blush blush. Back then I never really saw S talk a lot, except for those tiny glares he shoots at me, at times. Grr, he now says he did that to a lot of other girl classmates too, which I was so stupid enough not to know! <*Some still "like" his solo Facebook dp's. I should block them off his Facebook - makes a devil face> Oh, he had this affinity towards car, from then onwards. Somehow I almost always wanted to go on a long drive with him, in an open jeep - just like in one of the songs in the movie. Hmm, it still is in my checklist. Someday. Maybe in India - on a long drive to North. 

Haan.. Those were "butterfly" days - friends comparing us both just like in the movie, especially because S looked like him, and I wasn't 'Tamil' like the actress herself.. and yeah, the way friends had fun singing out the songs loud, as I enter the class. Lol. Amazing days! How dazed we were. Still afresh.

And peeps, Google out the images of the movie atleast, if not the full movie. It's a thriller - one of my all-time favorites. No, really :) Oh, and hey hey.. then I started also noticing, most of the girls like actors - on the basis of their "reasons", you see. So next time you see your little cousin/ sister/ crush drooling over a particular actor, pay close attention - watch out who she likes ! Could be you too, dumbo :D


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