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Heya everyone ! After eight months of German, German and more German, I am taking my B1 German Certificate Exam this Saturday. I have absolutely no time for anything at all. B1? There's basically levels for the language based on how good you are in it - as in the communication skills, grammar, day-to-day talks etc., This B1 comes after A1 and A2. I have to clear off the exam (reading, writing, speaking and hearing) - secretly wanting to score more than 90/100 in all departments. But then I know how it feels when, your favorite show you watch on television doesn't air on the slot without notice - Dont worry, I have cursed them too. Hopefully you, my reader will understand and wish me all the very best! If possible, do pray for me that the computer which scans my answer sheet, does it without errors. Brainless machines. Oho, I do not want to just like that neglect you, so here's a sneak peek of my next post. Happy Reading! And stay with me :)

.... It was a long weekend last week - which means Friday, Saturday and Sunday are off and people get excited the Thursday afternoon. The long-awaited October 3rd - The German Re-Unification Day. S and I had planned to go to a beach location, never worked out in the entire Summer - Next year maybe, and so we thought we would stay at home only. And then suddenly all of our friends pitched in for a trip in the long weekend (thats'y I vanished Saturday.. hehe). It was on a very short notice - absolutely no time to even Google search where to go, let alone the bookings... So where did we go? 

Wait and read :)


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