Rügen - Serene waters and yum Fish Brötchen

.... It was a long weekend - which means Friday, Saturday and Sunday are off and people get excited the Thursday afternoon. The long-awaited October 3rd - The German Re-Unification Day. S and I had planned to go to a beach location, never worked out in the entire Summer - Next year maybe, and so we thought we would stay at home only. And then suddenly all of our friends pitched in for a trip in the long weekend (thats'y I vanished Saturday.. hehe). It was on a very short notice - absolutely no time to even Google search where to go, let alone the bookings.
It had to be both a short-distanced and a luxurious one (a relaxed, no hustle-bustle, no museum trip!).

And the perfect fit was Rügen

The 366 km destination took us more than five hours to reach it. Duh, I so miss the Autobahn and damn you navigation! We were either the only car driving in a road which stretches endlessly with cornfields on either side, or we were stuck in a road full of cars in traffic, The tiredness dint matter at all, just as we reached our place of stay - The Glowe, at our FerienWohnung Nachtigall ... A villa with three cozy bedrooms, a roofed-bedroom, two simply so romantic bathrooms, a huge dining table for all of us to dine together (we were 9 of us), a lazy sofa with tv, stairs running up and down  the villa connecting the floors, a kitchen with vessels of all kind (you name it, it was there - a pizza cutter too? Man, seriously?) and a balcony. The best part was they had so beautifully designed each room, having a theme in mind - even the bathroom had one -Ocean-themed it was. We simply couldn't get enough of the house. 

Must- Go Number 1: Reluctantly we started off the next morning out of the house. We drove towards the Seerbrücke, which means a bridge in the Sea. Google searching Rügen, this was the first image that popped. So I was all excited. Oh, on the way, we stopped at the Rügen beach - the sounds of the sea, and the sun pulled us like a magnet to its shores. There were places to sit, just like small tent over a bench - they looked like sea animals resting on the shores under the sun .. It was slightly windy, so we couldn't enter the waters, but still it was so calm - so peaceful.
Just as we neared the Seerbrücke, what stood before us was absolute wonder. I so could not believe my eyes. It was not a magnificent structure or one with intricate designs. However, its simplicity - with occasional kaws from seagulls - has its own charm. Up above the shores stood we, as we gazed at the magnificent beauty that unfolded before us.

S and I walked hand in hand, along the bridge <blush blush>. Somehow I felt my heart feel lighter, thoughts stopped talking, and skin felt smoother! We wanted to stay there forever. Even looking at the picture now, I can sense how I felt the other day. There was also provision to go under waters and have a glimpse of sea world under the bridge. It was just a two day trip na, so we dint research about it! 

Must- Go Number 2:
The lime-stones from Kriedefelsen (Sassnitz) lie now in our home as our souvenirs. Lol, No separate souvenir shopping this trip! The lime stones from this area are certainly one of Rügen's highlights. Don't overlook the stairs leading down the shores! It is definitely worth the pain. Somehow I felt a bit disappointed, after the huffing and puffing down all the way to the beach. The limestone white cliff looked beautiful and stood tall before us. But hey, the pictures were dark because of the shadow and it was freaking chill down below - brr.. But yes, we checked this too in our to-go list. The Fish Brötchen was a relief to the walk uphill. It is the typical Rügen (well, I read it online so) food, which basically is a small bread that holds fresh fish and salads inside it. There were different forms of it, some like raw fish as in sushi, some others fried like chicken nuggets from KFC. It tasted simply yumm ... mmm.

It was more of just a relaxing two-day trip, so we walked down the beach close to where we stayed for the next evening. There were not many people, and it was just us. We went crazy clicking in Sports-mode, clicking Silhouettes, some romantic, some guys-pic, some girls-pic, playing volleyball in the dim light, cursing the camera for not working in low lights etc etc., To me, Rügen has a very nice landscape, food and if the weather also in on board, you sure will enjoy the poise it provides. We did.


  1. That side view of the Seerbrücke is really magnificent. I can imagine how it will look when magnified.

    1. That it sure was. You could stand all day over the bridge, having a coffee and enjoying the sounds of the waves!


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