Stacked in prints

Somehow I derived this love-for-camera gene from my mom, and the bad-at-expressing-onto face gene from my dad -  which makes me want to use my photographs as a mode of expression. Oh it reminds me, wonder where dad kept his handy-cam - That's the next stage <gives a self-shoulder pat> - calm down.

Okay, so this craze - to make a memory lane of all my life's happenings - It was more of the 'UP' influence I guess. Duh, no I do not open humpty number of folders in My Computer, dig into piles of photos to go down the best moments. It tires me, and I have had enough experiences choosing, editing and finalizing pics for our wedding album - communicating with the photographer/photoshopper (Is there a word 'photoshopper'?<pops eyes>) back in India. The 14 folder-full of pics
with the slightest change in expressions/blur/hairdo- flying-on-face/eyes-closed/angry or funny-looking me as a bride/S not convinced with his smile in the pic .. - It was a nightmare.

Back to the point. I so decided its better I go the old-school type - the ones my parents treasure till now - As Albums (By which I mean paperback copies, not our current generation Facebook albums, Instagram instants and Tweeting pictures). Know what? My mom whatsapps me once in a while from her collections - latest being me standing funny - with a car-shaped cake for my birthday (I mean, why on earth had I chosen a car shape !!), my mom sooo young, and my sis - a baby in frock (haha, I should send it to her fiance now!) 

As days pass-by, we cleanup computers and shelves - along with it goes the CDs or hard disks into the rack - which dismisses the facts of how happy, how carefree and how gifted we all are. If it were an album, atleast once a year, we flip through the sheets, with a slight smile on us - and maybe a slow music background. Who would want to just stare at the computers - The look and feel of the paperbacks are always a classic! 

I tell you peeps, this not just for couples,families and women - but also as a perfect idea for friends and teens. I still regret for not having even one group photo with my high school class - Afterall, S and I are high-school sweethearts : Yet we do not have even one frame in our school's background zusammen - Damn! But then yeah, we never knew of us as future then. And being a woman, my little bunch of best-girlfriends are a treasure to preserve forever. Those few pics we clicked during university days - escaping the college ban of mobile usage - are the only left-overs reflecting our amazing times in Bachelors (Now, with Orkut too shut down, there's simply no way to recollect them all) 

Toot toot >> get your bum off the TV/ Playstation, and on your next day to college/ high school, put a little effort in printing pictures too, stack them in an album - and look how amazing it feels. Who knows? - Facebook may shut down too, someday - with your photo memories as well.


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