High school - Wedding diaries (HSWD)

Tadaa ....I'd always wanted to write you of this series : High school - Wedding diaries. It's going to swirl pass the times before I'd known S as to what he is now to me (Huh? too many 'to's), how we grew up together : as friends, as high school crushes, as college buddies, and then to gf, to being his wife now. 
I had been pondering about this a long time. Should I or should I not? Its of course offending to any Parent (howmuchever friendly they seem to be - this : I'd probably not recommend them to read on)
to know that their kid had done so much mischief. Well, if all goes well at the end - Everyone is happy. It is, necessary naturally for us to keep up to our Parents' expectations - in all aspects: So they would feel satisfied that I had made the right decision! Looks like I'm growing older, teehee - hence the Lecture mela! 

But then I realize the details I narrate to when people ask me now as how I met S - has drastically reduced. So, uhmm I think it could be a selfish reason too : What if my memories slowly deteriorate and one day I'd just end up with a one-line saying "Yeah we were classmates". Wonder how we'd look by then, lol. I want to have this diary that time, to go ahead, relish and live every moment. They maybe incidents - here and there , scattered from my memories. Some look so kiddish when I think of at this time - but back then, it was a huge show. You'll agree too once you start reading - and maybe you would remind yourself of your missed/loved ones :)

The only picture we took together was in our last year of Bachelor's - so it would be a texty-diary: Hope it would keep you hitched! :) Next week onwards.. ! 

Psst: Don't blurt out :D


  1. So waiting for next week...... and hope to see that picture.


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