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I was 15, and was in my class' "Gossip Girls" team- we had up-to-date news of other classes, ranks, tests and of course girly talks - And oh, there was one who had a crush for a guy from when she was 11 : it was the talk of the town. Never really was I therefore, used to having boys as friends or did I think there was a need to - then till now. Our classrooms were on a roofed terrace-converted to classes -They had some expansion or infrastructure changes or something going on. All I remember is that, that's when it all began.

In my place, the examinations we write in tenth and twelfth grades play a very vital role in getting an admission to Bachelor's degree. So those were the times we used to have special classes (On Sundays or evening classes or half-day sessions or even to a two-day study trip), more model exams, stress and now lots of memories to hold on.

I was in X A then.
All girls sat in front rows - just opposite the blackboard, with our schoolbags behind us in the benches and lunch bags on the floor beside our legs. At the back of our girls-lot, was the walking area where sometimes the teachers would stand and teach, or invigilate while we write exams. Behind this, were the boys. Our target boys were always those who come close to our scores in exams - curious as every mark counts for our final exam. I sat in the last row, with my friends on adjacent rows. One such a studious guy sat next to someone new in the same bench- and yes, he was in the first row of the boys.

My benchmate was a very close friend of this studious guy - they had so much to talk, so much to tease with - yet somehow I never was into their conversation. But there was something snoopy in the guy who was sitting next to him - Heard he'd rejoined the school in nineth grade - He was constantly chuckling, always seemed happy: "Wonder what he talks" thought I - whenever I turn back as the teacher talks from the walking area. Still .. I was so used to being with girls' company, I felt petrified to talk to him.

The Map:

There once came a time when we had a test on India's Industries - in Geography section. Argh, it was so difficult - I hated Geography, especially when you have to remember so much types of Indian soils, crops, monsoons, vegetation, fauna, industries - and then go on to the Rest of the World. But yeah, looking back today - I feel so proud of India's Flora and Industrial development. It was customary for the one who finishes the test first, gets to collect the rest of the class's answer sheets. I find it profusely amusing to go around collecting answer sheets and yea, being the first one to finish the test. That look the rest of them give "Oh, you've written it all so fast/ You know them all" 

As I so went around, I noticed him looking frantically here and there, staring at his map - looking to plot the cities given in the test. I still wonder why - I pointed out the answers he was looking for tapping on his map. "Thank you", he said. I smiled at him, and moved off to the next bench. 

He, was S :)


  1. Aha . . . . . . I thought so...... he was S
    Good memories of the school times.


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