One cigarette puff

So I was waiting this afternoon near Penny, to take my bus back home. 6 more mins - showed the display. Just then a bunch of kids (well, they should be around 13 or 15 - but now its more than 10 yrs a difference to me you see, so yeah they are kids, hehe) - *where did I leave? ah yeah the kids ..

were walking towards the bus stop - laughing, chuckling, screaming, texting - and rest others.. setting their hair. While most of the group walked past me, three kids stood beside me - probably the rest weren't taking bus.

There was a girl: tall, blonde and pretty, and two others were guys. One was stylish and the other was drastically his opposite. Short, chubby, wobbly with books in one hand and his mobile on the other. Dumbo! I thought. The girl and the tall guy were busy talking. He was charming, and she looked visibly amused. At the same time, I could'nt help but notice how the other shortsy was spending his time. 

He was standing there with his glasses on, staring at the sky - just idle, or sometimes stretching his neck. He did not interrupt their conversation, nor looked troubled by the obvious: of them ignoring him. It sure is hard, atleast for me - to stand in such an awkward situation and simply not do anything. *I would chumma take my phone and fake talking on phone atleast! Hehe. And oh, just then, I noticed the girl taking out something off her jacket, while the tall guy checked out the dustbin. Intrigued, I turned around - just in time to notice him light up the cigarette she had handed him over. Wow! I did not.. expect that! He took a puff in style, and smoke was all over his face - giggling and fuming them through nose or whatever. *so much like before.... I remember back in time, when I used to pester S asking to try and smoke atleast once...and  in rings! Haha, at this age, probably it definitely is a thing :D  For one instance I chuckled remembering the times and the other minute I wanted to lecture the kid on "Smoking is injurious to Health". He sure will give me a stare or even worse call me names! I decided not to. Lol. Maybe this is what you need to understand with the older generations? They have lived all these instances - they have felt it all - they like it all - but still they know, its not all right :) Hmm.. One single puff, made me go all silent, deep in thoughts : all through my travel in bus and late until evening. 


  1. Hmmm.... smoking.....
    But what happened to the ignored guy?

    1. :) Good question! He was there all the while, staring at the road/mobile until his bus halted at their bus stop.


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