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A must-have Saturday for every woman

Before I even start writing, I just want to tell you, that the below post is completely my opinion. Of course you can be different, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong, or that you are right. (No fighting, just make peace :D)

So yeah, what's new here? Uhmm.. Well, we now have an Indian in my town, who has recently opened up a parlor! My God, such relief its been for most of the girls living here.. only the women living abroad truly value how we miss threading our eyebrows just like back in India! Duh .. the salons here simply wipe off all the brows, or bring in some weird shape where you look absolutely alien or.. most of the other times you end up with just-the-same-as-before look. Youtube and Google have been our practical guides, teaching us to do from braids to eyebrows : all by ourselves.

Last Saturday me and my friend booked our appointment at the salon: 11am - just like how I used to go before wedding. 11 am was the perfect time back then, you know? you wake up, get dressed and  oh, gobble up a few dosas and go to the appointment - that's it. And this time too, I did the same: best feeling ever. No tension, no multiple tasks in head. We reached there and she was all set. She was all the time chit-chatting to us, as she did the U-cut and eyebrows threading! Wow - how nice it felt. For a moment, I actually flew back to India! She cut here, there and again along the baseline - started blowdrying and setting, and again chopped up some more. She kept going forever, but then again hey, we were her first week of clients, so it was natural for her to panic maybe, but the end result was amazing. Me and A were delighted looking at each other and I must say, there was a wave of untold happiness. For all those men who are still reading this post : you sure wouldn't know this feeling :P

Looking prettier, we headed off back home, only to continue with facepack and taking fresh selfies. I always felt more confident after a grooming session. I was hyperenthu, calling up my besties, whatsapping cousins and when S had that look on me, it sure felt just like in college (when we bunked classes, ofcourse blush blush). Actually peeps, studies do show that grooming rituals are known to boost your confidence. Its like when you look your best, you feel your best. By this, I don't really mean you have to pack yourself up with tons of makeup - Just a little bit of a chip-chops, a cleanup and a relaxing day off the kitchen and definitely an all-girls time: brings in such a refreshment to your methodical life! That was one Saturday, I will remember for a long time. So to all women out there, go get your Saturday - give yourself a day off, just to pamper yourself off those house-hold duties and be a girl for one Saturday! :)


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