Fatigued Weekend

Ahh.. Finally am back - fresh as a leaf. The weekend started way before Saturday this week. No I was not partying. This can lead you to my plight. It looks much easier than said, I should admit. It really is tough, though. I wanted this year to make it bigger, more because I think I grow every day - so its high time I start not-finding excuses. 

I was totally drained making the filling, and the next day the outer part and the next day again - for friends. All these dint matter to me, when I saw the look in S's face, when he ate the first of it. He simply loved it! Its been more than 5 years since he ate it, itseems. Oh yes, it should be hard for you to picturise or understand a word - unless you know what this kandhulo looks like. So, here are my pretty darlings.

The white ones are kandulos. They are meant to be Lord Ganesha's favorite, ours too. It has an inner filling made of palm sugar, coconut and channa dal. Some like it just with coconut or just with dal, we like it a mixed combo. The outer covering is primarily made of rice flour; filled with the stuffing and steamed for 5 mins. That's it! Maybe I found it tiring as I had to do almost 50 - 60 kandulos. The right ones are also made of rice flour, but with a pinch of chilly powder and tossed a minute or two in the pan. The left ones are plain chick peas, boiled and pan-fried with coconut.

All were ready, as planned on the day of Vinaay. Both me and S were in new Indian attires, wow its ages I tied a saree. Know what? Howsoever I fit into Western outfit, the charm and beauty, a saree can bestow on an Indian woman, is umpteen. It simply creates magic. I had made sure I learnt to tie a saree, perfectly just before wedding. Thanks to YouTube. Hmm.. At the end of the tiresome weekend, I was more than happy for what I was able to pull off. A sense of satisfaction radiates all over me. Even now.


  1. Oh yes YouTube is always there to the rescue. Yesterday I was trying to stitch on the machine (after a long time) Almost forgot how the threading was done on this automatic machine. And hey presto, YouTube came to the rescue.
    Modhaks are almost similar to the Kozhikotta (except for the shape - Kozhikotta is round)

    1. Haha even threading has a video? I havent used YouTube this much while I was an India.

      Modhaks are kozhikottas in this shape for Vinaay and the other oval usual ones are done for Saraswathi pooja


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