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There is always two sides of a coin. Just saying. Same way, I have found myself profoundly attracted to certain 'German' attributes. In the initial days of me coming here, I dint like any of what the Germans did. Be it their hostility, their only-German signboards, TV channels, No-I-don't speak-English attitude, extremely expensive food and clothes, etc etc., Oh I forgot - their timing! In India, its always around eleven, 'bus will come at six thirty', 'we'll meet around 4' and so on, but never ever- 'train is at 06:06'!! It was because of this, I had to have a digitized watch - I never needed one before. And the clocks were in 24 hr system - we have similar ones in India too, but no one uses it. It is more of a am-pm system. I still subtract 12 in the afternoons just to make sure.

Anyway, over time, I somehow have developed a liking towards 'German ways'.
Coming from a country where free will is more readily acceptable, it baffles me that I find this orderly way of living, easier. And get things done. 

# On-time:
Undoubtedly this comes the first! A train, an appointment, or a signal-cross - you need not question a nano-second. And oh, forgot to tell you, the bus stops have a time table - indicating the route map and travel timing at which different stops could be reached. I have lost my way a few times going in the opposite direction not seeing the next stop in the bus stop. I was panicked as hell - hehe. After that, I always make sure I see the next stop and then get into the Bus. It maybe difficult for us outsiders to get used to this time factor, but then it makes a lot of things a piece of cake. No hassle - No stress. 

# Patterned documentations:
There is always a structure to whatever they do. Be it a bank procedure, a presentation, or even filing a sheet of paper! - A format is always on deck. My German teacher punches holes before handing us the worksheets, just to file effortlessly. She's no German, but has been living here quite a while - maybe she's adopted it too. Even when you write an E-mail, they always follow a template - theme of your post, what is your role in it, what should the receiver do, contact details and greetings. It is always this way. No gibberish talks.

# No expectations:
The Germans don't really expect you to express your care for them. That - is one quality that gels in very easily to my ambivert personality. I most of the times fail in expressing them, duh. Unlike in India, where people who cry/laugh/say 'I miss you' are regarded as being more loving to you, this makes me extremely comfortable. Our mere presence gives an understanding to them, that we are all ears to them.

# Other side of No-English attitude:
They may sound rude not speaking English, but I adore their love they have for their language. They feel extremely proud speaking German. Some are even proud enough to justify that English is yet another language, not necessary that we know them - we do not live in UK! Wow. It pricks me a bit when people in India are ashamed to speak their native language (No, not only Hindi) and choose to convey in English better. Hmm .. My language is nowhere found in any of the lists - Saurashtra it is - meaning a mix of 100 different languages - spoken since Indo Aryan days. Everytime I find a drop-down menu with a choice of languages, a part of me always looks for mine - Just maybe.

Hmm.. what more? This was all that my little brain would come up with for now - I shall update if I learn more, from the Germans.


  1. ha, u used that word 'nano' second... there you are preets...

    1. Haha caught it ! Glad that you read my posts. Happy Reading! Let me know any suggestions/ opinions.

  2. In Mumbai they say :"have to catch the 10.26 local" But then its only in Mumbai.
    Must listen to that Saurashtra accent one day :-)

    1. I havent been to Mumbai yet. Will note that when I go next time. And for Saurashtra, it sounds more of Marathi, Konkani and Urdu :)


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