Cycling in Germany

My Bicycle
"You can have a look at the bicycle and take it if you like - My address is ..... " came an SMS to one of our E-bay short-listings. I was anxiously waiting for the Termin. The destination was not far. It happened to be just a 4-min walk from our house. We went near the yellow car as he had stated and waited. He came 5 mins late (Of course we were there - on the clock). He led us directly to the cellar and there it was!
A bicycle with pink and dark blue shade, a basket at the back, a headlight, bell and a gear (Never have I known that a cycle will have a gear). As S and I went round to check cycle, it was as though 'she' was proud enough to hold her head high, as we clicked pictures around her. "Perfect - Just that it's a little too high, my feet doesn't touch the ground" - I thought. S had a test drive, he said it felt really good to ride and so we took her home (S said he'd fix it so my feet did touch the ground). I am a little particular with this. I do not know to start off hoping over the seat - hehe. Elated, I rolled her down the lane to my house, waiting for the height to be fixed. Look at her in the pic ! Do you like her too? Write me below. I'm curious!

Nostalgic cycling:
After 3 days, she was all ready. I could not contain my excitement. And nervousness. I am riding a bicycle after almost 10 years. The last time I remember sitting on a bicycle was in my high school. My sis (who was then 8) used to come in her little bicycle trying to catch up with me and my friend. I was in the teenage - spree: thinking Friends = World. We used to cycle so fast and into different routes, so my lil sis would miss her way and we get to have our girlie talks. She, however always managed to be within our reach. The funniest part was she, being a leftie, would put much of her weight towards her right and pedal kinda weird. Today, I miss looking back - just to find a lil one pedaling fast to catch up. Hmm ..

Cycling - India and Germany:
Its just a cycle -No its not. It is my first own transport you see. I no longer have to wait for the bus, look at train timings and then leave anywhere. More interesting is how it feels to ride a bicycle here. Big deal. Obviously I was nervous holding the handle bar and pedaling the first time. Second First time I mean - after schooling, you just read it aboveBack in India, people riding a bicycle have the least protection - He/She has to have senses all over the body. Yet they somehow seem to be extra-efficient in managing the traffic. I once saw a guy carrying something in one hand, and holding the handlebar just with one hand, pedaling over a bridge amidst heavy traffic- in the Night - Without Headlight. He was like, riding with the help of lights from heavy vehicles on road! Wow.

Cycle and Pedestrian Signals
And oh, I forgot - it is right-handed driving here. Know what? It is actually so much fun! You have a feel of pride that you have learnt something totally opposite from your Homeland. When I was in India, I always had trouble turning my handlebar right - especially in busy streets. There were times I used to turn left, go round and connect to the road - just for the fear of taking a right. Now, there is no tension, no fear, no stress. As it is free right. When I don't turn correctly into the lanes, I call them Crash Landing -I have still not fallen, Thank Goodness just turbulence. Those perfect lanes meant just for you, and riding alongside the Buses simply makes you float in clouds. Hey, I'm not exaggerating - enjoying the weather, having a sense of peace, contentment and yes, burning calories. Also, they have signals for cycles. How cool is that? They have yellow,green and red with a cycle symbol just below the main signal. They look really cute. It is not very hard to get to know the rules basically. Just go along the arrows and lanes in the pavements - pretty easy for anyone to follow. I have taken pics just to show you. So fresh - so pumped up - so loving cycling in Germany! 
Cycling Lanes


  1. Getting used to cycles with gears takes time.
    You must be really enjoying it as cycling in Europe is a pleasure. In fact I have written a blog post on it.

    1. Ah yes, I was reading your posts from behind :) Very well written - yes I forgot to mention the cuteness of young moms carrying their lil ones as a pram, and the elderly people cycling around briskly.


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