Things I miss from India #2

#2 The sounds of Life :

I always remember the once irritating (now seemingly musical!) call of the vegetable seller, the paper-wala (he comes to collect read-papers and pays back cash for it based on weight- Its a just blue container here - no person, no words!) and numerous other vendors who know exactly your nap time and yell down the street. The maids zooming in and out of the house, the 5 pm flower-girl who sells flowers right at your doorstep (Ah how well the flowers used to smell.. some oriental, some musky, some mesmerizing and some others 'romantic'), the every hour Church bell that rings its hour with a distinct verse, gatherings with a speaker shouting on top of his voice on a totally useless theme (Yes, he sure will have audience - they, apparently are too bored to do anything else!) the hooting, screeching and vrooming of the vehicles, stopping at the adjacent street, the distant-yet-so-audible-temple bells, the street-fight of ladies, current popular songs played on ear-deafening music-system-cum-loudspeakers, .... yes, the sound of life which I once considered to be noise. Today, all I hear in my room - is the ticking of the clock, and the growls of my stomach! 


  1. Preethi, you expressed how I feel in US.... I used mention the same thing to my hubby.... So I'm not the only one��

    1. Definitely No, Deepa. What else do you find different in US? Let me know, so I can cheer you up, if its the same here too :)

    2. I agree to you Pree!! I felt the same when I came to US..

    3. @ Anitha Mohan : Its this way in US too? I thought US is always filled with people, unlike Europe!

  2. hi preeti... when i read this post i could also hear only the two sounds you mentioned... i could relate so many things from your post.. i thought i was the only one who felt so in deutschland..


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