Wander Bliss - Pep talk

Its been more than a year, since I came to Germany. It was also the first year after my marriage. In India, wedding is not just an event, but a whole life-changer. Overnight you are plunged into a whole new family, acquaintances together with a fresh bunch of responsibilities over your shoulders. And in my case, it was much more than that. (We are so accustomed with 'arranged marriage' customs, so yes, my 'arranged+love' marriage was a huge leap! - More on it later)

It so happened that I celebrated not just my first few days, but 365 days of my first year of wedding! (I still do!) Looking back now, I cant believe I have visited almost a new country/ new city every Month!  A million voices shout in my head - Hey are you going to write about your wedding which was the most-happening wedding in your family? What about first Swiss? the first Sommer fest? the German style Mitfahrer? Potzdam? Holi fest? your first pooja ? Denmark? Christmas? New Year? .. Enough.. QUIET (you neurons!) Everybody.. I will tell them all..!! On that account, please be patient my dear reader, I have a lot of catching up to do.

With so much to close in, thought I could write in more frequently (along with my usual Wednesdays and Saturdays), so we sail in the same boat very soon. As I step into the second year of my wedding (Wedding is a bond not just for the two of us, but two families together - is what they say in India), I wander, taking  memories, awe and beauty into my eyes - two times more!


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