Off I fly - 5000 kms away

It was the last weekend of April 2013. My first flight to Germany. My parents and in-laws had both come to send us off at the airport that morning. I was wearing a yellow sleeveless top with a black overcoat, and a blue jean. I wore my wedding thilak on my forehead and metti in my toe just like the rest of days. I still was in a wedding-bliss-mode.
I looked around people in the waiting lounge of International departure area. It is yet another travel, yet another event .. Why do people turn so emotional..crying, having eyes full of tears? You should be excited flying to a foreign country - the Snow, the roads, trees, birds .. everything is different..Learn to enjoy things people! Duh.. My bf's mom dint cry this time - she said she was happy her son was not alone anymore. Ah, I feel so proud.

Two weeks after my marriage, I feel so alienated from my dad and mom. Though I walk along with them, I yearn to have a few moments alone. I do not express much, yet I had so much in my head. I have always been known as a mystery - never expressive - Ever. Its not always a good sign, I understand - but somehow I find it irrelevant to make people like you by your words! Hmm..  And so I move off  into the security gate after squeezing my mom's hand and giving my dad one last glance.

Once through the security check, my bf was in full swing activating his cheer-her-up-mode. And it worked. I was capturing every event happening at the airport and elated walking through those doors of 'the' flight. Just as we sat into our allocated seats, our neighbour asked my bf 'Hallo, Wie geht es Ihnen? Wo wohnen Sie?' (ofcourse I dint understand a word, but felt proud my bf was answering in a different language). Ah.. Welcome to Germany - said my bf, looking at me - He looked pretty frustrated. Homesickness .. or maybe "duh I need to speak German.. "..its just a language, hmm.. he could manage without German .. oh I so dont want to argue with him now. So I chose to just flash him a smile. It kinda diverted him I guess, as he suddenly remembered "Hey our first flight pic? - come, come" - And eeee we posed and clicked our first 'abroad' picture!

And so I fly off .. away and away from INDIA - as I see in the media screen. Enthusiasm grips me all over as I see the animated plane cross borders into Germany and its wheels touch the European ground!


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