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Aski thengo Namaskar, Vanakkam, Namaste and Welcome !

Okie, so Hey everyone! I am the twenty-something girl from India, currently living in VW-Town. After my Masters in Nanotechnology, I moved to Germany with my high school-boyfriend-turned-husband.  The reason for this blog is simple - I look back at my life, travel, food, trouble-times and crazy moments that I laughed, indulged, giggled and relished ever since I came to Germany. Here you will find my experiences in getting accustomed to 'Western' Culture, Travel across the world, Guidelines and Must-go places, Insights, Indian delicacies, daily diary and lots more ! 

I also.. well, am good in photography, henna designing, glass painting, dancing, pencil drawing and writing (obviously!).

I hope Indian Girl in Germany captures the sense of awe that I have for the European cities and convey my little knowledge to you, the reader. 

It's a fresh year every year, and along with it comes a fresh look to my blog. Questions, Advice, Comments? E-Mail me at You can also leave in your comments under each Post.

And hey, don't forget to watch out for new posts - Also subscribe your Email or Follow me in my Facebook page clicking the 'f' button on top of the page (You should be able to locate this one - it took me forever to place this customized plugin here) All only if you like reading my posts. Hopefully you do.

So Thanks a lot for stoppping by and a Happy Reading :)


  1. Nice blog you have here! I will follow you. :) Follow me if you like?

    1. Haha oh you are the scentlux !! I have seen your blog for perfumes and classifics - just like you, I'm also a perfume/fragrance lover - my racks are always with a minimal 3 or 4 perfumes at a time! :)


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