Thank you so much for the support, readers. For a newbie such as me, it means a lot. No sarcasm. Really. I ,however, thought it would be easier to follow my blog, if I show you the path. This is for those of you, who are new to blog-reading. If not, you could as well jump this post :)

In the right side, you see 'Labels'. Those are the categories of my posts. You can choose one of the labels, and continue reading all my posts related to it. And - 'My Diary' comes with two taglines : 2013 and 2014. It is mix of past and present. You can travel along with me, this year - Or, choose to dig up my past.

If you liked reading but in a hurry to go - you can always read it later, right at your fingertips. Maybe like a bed-time story? Why not? Just submit your e-mail address (It sure is secure, no password-asking business - you just have to confirm that you would like to have my posts in your Inbox) and you get an update as and when I update my posts. You can also follow me on Twitter, clicking the blue-bird pic just below 'Girl In Germany' title. Hehe Okay, you know what Twitter is.

Hope this clears off the fog :)

Happy Reading :)


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