Ice bucket challenge

My Facebook News-feed is filled with Ice bucket challenge footage. So would yours, I guess. For those of you, who haven't known of it lately: Here are the rules of the challenge. The participants are to record a video of themselves, pouring ice into a bucket of water. This bucket is then to be lifted and poured over their head - within 24 hours of being challenged. And they are to challenge other persons at the end of their challenge. Too many times the word 'challenge' is used.

Simple and cold:
In just few weeks, the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge' has swooped
into a global happening : with lots of stars pouring buckets of water. It is fun and contagious. Bill Gates, Taylor Swift, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Gordon Ramsay are some of them. Athletes, politicians, sports figures, doctors, construction workers, local public - almost everyone are attracted to it. Bare-chested David Beckham, Word Cup player Neymar JR from Brazil, for instance (how cute - hehe)

So why are they doing it?
It is a viral sensation - aimed to raise awareness and charity for ALS (Amylotrophic Lateral Schlerosis - Ok, its too long, just remember ALS - so you could brag to your friends). The challenge says if you do not complete it in 24 hours you have to donate 100$. However, you can still donate, if you do not take up the challenge. And say it in style - like Barack Obama, who declined the challenge, but opting to donate 100$ for the cause. 

What is ALS:
ALS is a fatal disease, where people lose their voluntary muscle control, including the ability to speak, move their limbs, swallow and even breathe. The mind and rest of the senses are still sharp. You can feel your arm itch, but the arm would just not be able to move. Painful. Life expectancy is 2-5 years upon diagnosis and the current treatment can only extend a few months.

Is it really filling its purpose?
The ALS Association has already received over 4 million $ in donations in the past 10 days and a total of 22.9 million $, 12 times the amount it received last year. So yes, people are aware of the condition and its not just for merry.

Different versions:
From Oprah Winfrey's screams to Bill Gates' construction of a structure to pour the bucket over his head, to ice hockey player Paul Bissonette using a helicopter to pour the bucket (wow, who would do that?), it sure has reached skies. And oh, hope you have also seen Charlie Sheen (Two and a half Men fame) go off-route, by pouring a bucket of cash over his head!

Here are some of the ice bucket challenges: 

Finding its way in India:
This global stunt is now gradually finding its way in India. I am waiting to see Bollywood celebrities take the challenge soon. Infact, Tamil cinema industry has already taken the lead - with Kollywood star Hansika Motwani taking up the Ice bucket challenge and nominating all her fans to do it. Also, director Venkat Prabhu and singer Premgi have accepted the challenge. As I write this, I see Akshay Kumar begin it for Bollywood. Meanwhile, jokes on Indian Icebucket challenge have started to roll on Twitter.

@rickygervais: Dear celebrities, OK, now that's enough, Please stop pouring lovely fresh water over your heads: -Africa

@KBradd: I know I've lived in India too long when my reaction to the #icebucketchallenge is what a ridiculous waste of good water

Be it fun, or not, I am glad that the purpose (ALS) is served. Hope no one nominates me, I'll freeze to !


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