One more night

After the 9-hour flight, we took a train and another train and finally get down at our destination. Hoefingen. ICE, RE - the differences in trains never actually was clear to me then. He had told me our house was on a hill-top and it would be so romantic. I was thrilled to see the house in Germany. Actually MY house. It kind of felt special. Especially the fact that you will be running your own chores, at your own pace. Women will know how it feels. 

After the train left, all I could see was a huge mountain, a hill maybe right infront ! But the reality hadn't struck me until I actually was at the moment. It was 11:45 pm. And pitch-dark. Oh yes, our baggage from India. We had total 46+ 46 kg, and  two cabins pushing through the 20 degree inclination. Ah, it made hell a lot of noise - seriously. With a laptop bag on my back, my passport pouch along my waist, my handbag in my arm and my DSLR hanging around my neck - it dint weigh much, but still they were dangling in all directions. I was looking crazy. And I remember him saying "Welcome to Deutschland" with my favorite of his laughs. Grr.

Climbing uphill seemed to go like forever. I was huffing and puffing, trying not to scare of the dark. I was waiting for the sun to rise, so I could have a proper glimpse of 'my foreign country'. Just one more night.


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