My First Little Place

The next morning (Read: One more night for precap) I was all excited. My first day in Germany. I could not believe I will be running a house on my own. Especially not in two weeks after wedding. It maybe weird to you, but that's how it is in India. Or atleast in my place. We are used to being in joint families (I mean in the initial stages, and later they move as the families grow; and some others stay in joint families forever). We, in India, live in a family, where the we are answerable to the mother-in-law, and in her absence the first daughter-in-law and then the second daughter-in-law and so on. We abide by the decisions of the elder bhoundi (daughter-in-law) and the sasu (mother-in-law) (I am so used this way. Really).
That's how it has been so long. But, in the growing India, it has become more of a parallel system, rather than a hierarchy (I still find this transition hard).
Inaugural Cooking :
With the freedom of living alone, comes doing everything, literally everything all by yourself! Cooking too, of course. I had had absolutely no prior experience, I mean proper full meals. Back home I used to help mom, but never cooked it all by myself. The initial days of my cooking went on - bugging my mom through Viber, Skyping while I was cooking and Whatsapping N number of stages of cooking (This I still do - Just that I have promoted to sending the final pic - not the stages, hehe). My first dish I ever cooked, I still remember was a potato fry I did in my in-laws' place. Damn, it was horribly salty and oil literally dripped off the fry. After I came here, I however (Thank my genes I say, lol) improvised to cooking sambhar, rice, sweets, vadagams, pilchaar, fried rice, chappathi, butter chicken etc.,

So, back to the house. I get too distracted, moving off-topic so easily, isn't it? Probably I should meditate. It was a pretty house, a big hall, a kitchen and a roof-thatched bedroom. Wow. I had always liked such a roof, and S had found one just for me. Simply so loving na?. After the entrance comes the hall, from which there are three steps - reaching the slightly-raised bedroom. And Oh yeah, there were NO doors, except for the bathroom! <wink wink> We used to shout out from the hall to the kitchen to the bedroom - so much fun it was. Weekends passed with being awake the whole night and sleeping the whole day, cooking at unearthly hours and going for walks in the evenings. 

We dint have much furniture, except for a leather sofa, a computer table, a stool and a mattress. It was S's first job after his studies, and we were to start a living together. The blinds were too thin, letting most of the Sun into the eyes, waking us every morning well before we wanted to. We used to take bus and reach the main city to post/ get important documentation done. There was only one supermarket (Luckily it was close enough for us). Not many friends. 

Nothing at all mattered to us then. We were so in a bliss to have finally been able to 'be' with each other - after 9 yrs of seeing each other! Undoubtedly I had a drop of tear, when we had to leave this house. Even today, the very thought of Hoefingen, brings in a smile in us and an urge to get back to those days. It is and will always be my favorite. My Little Place.


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