Night-night in the Fjords

Hallo everyone. I am back from Norway. It was such a stunning, magnificent country. Be it the crystal-clear waters, or the glaciers or the winds, or the sun, or the sheer landscape - simply wow. Everywhere was like a HD desktop wallpaper. And my first time camping. I was never fond of the whole idea of "camping" when he first told me of it. As always, he spoke me into it (No wonder he gets his debating genes from his advocate parents! - lol).

So reluctantly, we reached the camping spot. We had booked for a camping place. No not a wild camping. Wild camping is where you can camp anywhere, open up your tent and sleep with Nature. I saw a few guys cooking something beside their tent in one of the hairpin bends of the Trollstigen zig-zag road! Ok, so we reached the camping spot and I was delighted just by the looks of it. There was lush grass everywhere, people with caravans, opening up tents, having a fun-time with family, roasting their own wursts, and some - just sitting idle in a easy-chair. We set up our car to the farthest - where we had a clear view of the Fjords, the waters and a few sheep in their fence. It was just us. Love in the air. <blush blush> No internet, no phone calls, only Nature. It was a candle-light night for us, where the sun set around 10 - 11 pm. Yes, it did set, guess the Land where Sun never sets - is more of Northern Norway.

There were people doing all sorts of camping activities. Some had caravans, some tents - big and small, some bicyclers, some writers, some solitude-lovers, some photographers, some family-vacation-takers, and some lovely-couples. Some were cooking proper full meals, with vessels, barbeque and what not. And oh, one caravan also had an iron table! Dude, comeon! Never had I thought so many people love to do this kind of camping. Its more of a Western culture, I think. I was surprised to see this way of life. And I loved it. 

And oh I must tell you, of the cutest thing ever. Just opposite our car, was a hyper-active black-and white furred-dog (Sorry I have no idea of  its breed-name, but it was short, had lots of fur, its master was combing its ears - just in case you are an expert in breeds), running around playing, jumping and wagging its tail. As we were seeing, she put in down into the grass. And the next minute she was combing its ears again. I was wondering - maybe she forgot to do it right first time. But No. It was its twin !! Wow. They were so identical and the first was overjoyed when the other one too reached the grass. It felt so nice just seeing them. I wouldn't have experienced it if I was all locked up in a hotel, flipping through tv channels. Just when we were starting to look away from them, ran in another pup. Haha, They were three identical puppies. Running, walking in two legs and so loving - they had everyone in the area's attention as they happily walked past us for a walk with their masters. I was so absorbed that I dint even manage a pic of the trio. They stand fresh in my eyes. Still. Cute.

Wake-up view:

We slept right at  the foothills of the beautiful Fjords, with sounds of rain pouring over our car -throughout the night. Our eyes opened the next morning overlooking mist, clouds, dew on the grass and a pinch of snow through the rays of sunlight. The air felt so fresh. So real. I inhaled more of Oxygen. Or I felt so. Birds chirping, and glacier waters running just parallel to you. Simply Spectacular.

Make sure you go atleast once to a camping trip - Definitely worth a try. Or..have you been already? How was it? Tell me tell me.


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