Every Summer has a story

I have always wondered why Europeans are crazy over SUN. Whenever I say, 'I come from India'. Most of them are excited, which.. makes me really proud. No. Really. 'You come from India? - very beautiful it is'; 'There's plenty of Sun for you'; 'I love Indian food - curry is my favorite' (I always wonder what a 'curry' means in India - well, atleast I dint know anything of that sort o.O );  'Ohhhhh Indiaa - and they pose a Namaste'; 'Ah haan.. Shah rukh Khan, Kajol' (They really are famous isnt it?) While some others have left me in a weird position : 'Ahh.. I thought you are from Iran'; 'Are you not from Afghanistan?'; 'India? ... Why is your skin and hair not black then?' 

First Summer:

My realization as to why Europeans so love Summer- dawned this year. Its also our first Summer in this new house - which is also our first house that we stayed more than five months. So many firsts. Na ya. Know what? I so love this house. Particularly because of our backyard, overlooking my v-day flower pot, our veggie gardens and sparrows' self-built nest.  I was once even homesick to get back to see my pet sparrows. On a lazy Saturday evening, a plate of Gurken, a glass of Pina Colada and Sunglasses are a perfect combo. Hehe we must be the only couple who use Sunglasses at home! 

Summer Begins:

You know the Summer is on - when: Skies become clear. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Most importantly - No more Jackets and Socks. Life gets better. 

Beach party:

People around seem to have gained a fresh energy with Life itself. You see joggers and bicyclers nook-and-corner. This year, we had found an amazing set of friends. Summer with a bunch of idiots just like you, is totally different! Period. There were times we walked off in the streets well after midnight, had sleepovers, cooked food at 4 am, ate and then returned to our houses to sleep and much more! We never knew the best was yet to come.

It started off with one of the friend's birthday treat, and another's got-a-job treat. We usually meet up at our houses, chit chat and have home-cooked food / go to a restaurant. This time, we decided to go to a park with an artificial lake and beach sands. We were 10 of us. We took our Frisbee, volleyball and badminton rackets along. I was in a black long top and a cargo shorts, with a top-knotted hair, black ear-rings and red sandals. My bf was in a white t-shirt and checked blue and white shorts. We  had no idea, that this would be the best Summer day - ever since I came to Germany.

We could identify our friends playing volleyball from far off itself. We were the only group with full clothes on! (Others play in bikini or shorts) We  girls tried to play badminton for sometime. It was windy, and the cork suffered severe turbulence! And so, we were back to volleyball. My sister was very good at volleyball in school. Alas! I had never played volleyball in my life. Ever. Still, I wanted to overcome the fear, and show that if I train, anybody can play well.  I was undergoing tutorial sessions with friends and by the end of the three games, I was pretty good at service and was able to strike back the ball and won points for my team too (Yay) But then damn - It hurts so badly! My inner wrist was so pink, I felt the blood vessels would actually burst out every time I hit the ball. 

Thrown into water:

By the end of ball games, we had sand everywhere. In our legs, foot, hands, and faces! We had to get a shower. Or, time to enter the lake. One of my friends entered first, and I was asking her if the water is too cold or bearableeee....woaaahhh. My bf lifted and simply threw me off into the water! OMG! My friend was taken aback, as we were so busily discussing about the water before. Sensing the danger of her being thrown into the water, she started walking towards the shore. But out of nowhere, suddenly the others pushed her from behind. She tripped and fell into the water. By then, one by one all of us were into the lake. My bf was swimming, playing water volleyball (!?!), and trying to splash water on everyone. He is a naughty brat. And I love him for that <winks> We girls, on the other side were having our own fun. Floating, back-stroking - swimming is undoubtedly a girl's thing. Totally agree.

The water was clear, not so deep, and definitely no fishes, snakes or creepy-crawlies. Now that is one thing I so love here. No reptiles. No wildlife. No tension. Absolute fun. Our swimming classes did help, and its a totally different feeling. I lied down on the waters, letting all the thoughts drift pass me, looking at the skies (Wow. The world IS round), and just at the moment - gazing at a flight flying so high above the ground. Man's creation. 

This day will have a special place for a long time. I can still feel the feel I felt in waters. Absolutely amazing. We showered, had a few badminton games (It was so late, almost dinner time - so not much of a wind) and started back home. We have planned to come here again, next weekend. Now I know why Europeans are so fond of swimming and Summer. It engulfs you like an addiction to the weather. Once you enter, you are drawn to its frenzies. 

P.S : And yes, I dint have/ look at my smartphone throughout the evening. Not bad na? Am still following.


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